When its cold and miserable..

and only a coffee with peek your mood..

I seem to go against the grain for an English person as I choose coffee over tea.. ok well not quite so true. There are moments I decide to take herbal teas and I am a sucker for Whittards tea, especially when I m fasting. However.. I have reached a point that after suffering with Covid, all teas seem bitter to me. I have been adding a little honey in order for me to drink it yet bizarrely coffee is not affected for me! yay!… but back to SL..

its that season.. yep rain and sweaters and pumpkins..!! I can not tell you how excited I am, like i almost live for this time of year until my my birthday in April, bring on the falling leaves and snow. So cue me falling in love ChicChica’s new amazing textured coffee.. Movements jelly basket which is hella cute and of course.. Little Fox’s crop sweater, with that hint of under boob which the other half is kind partial too, not sure I would get into Starbucks with that top however! And as starbucks doesnt exisit in SL, I have a long list of those places that are cute and I have to say “The Rainy Cafe” is amazing!

It has falling rain outside, surrounded by cute woodland and inside does not disappoint. Whether you are a photo location or somewhere to hang and chat, this absolutely has it. Make sure you go to check it out 🙂

♔ Sweater: Little Fox Shelby Crop sweater @Cosmopolitan Event
♔ Coffee: ChicChica Coffee @Cosmopolitan Event
♔ Basket: Movement Jelly Basket @Access Event
♔ Jeans: Osmia Boyfriend Ashely Jeans @Mainstore
♔ Hair: Rama Alexis Hair @Equal10 Event
♔ Location: The Rainy Café

Further Information: Little Fox Shelby Crop Sweater
20 single colors• 10 extra fullpack colors• AutoAlpha• BOM layer alpha Fitted for Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite, Ebody Reborn, Inithium Kupra Coming to Cosmopolitan Event on October 18th!

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