Saturday mornings were made for walks ..

enjoy the smallest moments, those no one can take..or in the here in and now but prepare to be better for the future… FASHION♔ Tetra Euphoria Jeans and Sweater @Equal10SIZES: Legacy +Perky, Maitreya +Petite, Kupra, Ebody RebornEuphoria Sweater has soft fabric and comes in 50 colors. Lacing & eyelets are customizable. Euphoria Jeans are very detailed andContinue reading “Saturday mornings were made for walks ..”

When its cold and miserable..

and only a coffee with peek your mood.. I seem to go against the grain for an English person as I choose coffee over tea.. ok well not quite so true. There are moments I decide to take herbal teas and I am a sucker for Whittards tea, especially when I m fasting. However.. IContinue reading “When its cold and miserable..”

Don’t judge me…

but it’s all about the scrunches Ok first of all, I have to get my crush moment over with right now… this outfit comes with SCRUNCHES!!! It sounds like a got a little happy over nothing here but come on, they are scrunches that match with your outfit lol .. and to be fair, IContinue reading “Don’t judge me…”

Blossom Dates …

The summer before youI thought love was ShakespeareanMore or less a painful experienceOnly ever real if you’re deliriousBut little did I know You would be the one I confide inLearn how to try withLittle did I knowIt was you before I ever decidedYeah, little did I knowYou would be the one that would save meLearnContinue reading “Blossom Dates …”

Wait for you …

These bitter dreams, they seem to lastAnd even though it’s in the pastI know it’s hard for you to talkBare your soul and open upI will wait for you, I will wait for youCan’t pretend to understandI’ll be here to hold your handI will wait for you, I will wait for you Credits…♔ Pose: NEWContinue reading “Wait for you …”