I am a hopeless romantic ..

It’s like I’m lying to myself (myself, myself, myself)
And hopelessly romanticizing, unwilling to compromise
With staring at the stars (stars)
While standing on the moon, instead of in this room
Nothing’s ever enough for me
I keep it buried underneath (oh, oh-oh, oh)I’ve got the heart of a hopeless romantic

Can you imagine
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?
I’m broken and manic
Can you imagine
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?

♔ Dress: Dead Doll Lenora Dress @Satan Inc (2021 round)
♔ Pose: Ana Poses Bordeaux I @Epiphany (includes wine glass)
♔ Background: Minimal October 2021 Gift @Mainstore

Further Information: Dead doll Leanora Dress
LENORA DRESS:  16 spooky colours
On/Off toggle options for cups & skirt
Matching panties
For Maitreya, Petite & Legacy 
Dead doll also created cute Lace Bat Wings:💀 16 spooky colours matching the Lenora Dress They can be found in the “Treat” Mystery Box. Upon spending 800L at the event customers get to unlock the first Mystery Box (“Trick” or “Treat”), while the remaining one is automatically unlocked upon spending a total of 1500L.
Available after the event at the Mainstore

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