A Tuscan Wedding…

There are times as a blogger/photographer in second life or I imagine in any industry where you hit ruts. You second guess your designs, your style.. and then comes along a pair of your favourite designers and the image just hits you.

I saw this backdrop first from Minimal and loved it. It reminded me of a Tuscan wedding I once went to on a vineyard. It was stunning and I remember how magical it seemed. So when this Ivy Backdrop graced my desk I was immediately transported back and my mind was racing with ideas of how could I attempt to bring a piece of my memory to life.

Then Dead Doll knocked it out the park again with this beautiful gown and what’s more it comes with a non-rigged bow which they have started doing a few times and I LOVE IT! It means you can add it to outfit as a bow or in your hair and it all matches! (Those that know me, know I need to match..) ..However, cue finding something for Ed to wear.. and a shopping trip to Cold Ash to find a summer suit and shirt that yep, you guessed it, matched the dress!

Finally, the amazing Ana Poses then graced us with another two new poses at TMD this week which match my idea so perfectly and in fact had to take two picture just to show both poses and the back of the dress which it complimented so much. So here we are .. my memory of a Tuscan Wedding…

♔ Gown: NEW Dead Doll Ana Gown @C88
♔ Suit: Cold Ash Alessio Suit @Mainstore
♔ Backdrop: NEW Minimal Ivy Backdrop @C88
♔ Pose (main): NEW Ana Poses The Party @TMD
♔ Pose (second): NEW Ana Poses Five Star Love @ShinyShabby

Further Information: Dead Doll Ana Gown
DEAD DOLL Ana Gown for Collabor88 Birthday Round, from August 8th then at the Mainstore.
♥ 16 vibrant colors available
♥ Unrigged bow sold separately at the event (16 colors included)
♥ Fits Maitreya, Petite & Legacy

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