When we are thankful..

Ok, first of all, I am not American, in theory, this holiday should apply to me in the smallest sense. However, some of my family is, and there is one thing they have taught me this year more than most for some reason… how to be thankful. Thankful for those things we take for granted,Continue reading “When we are thankful..”


If you were all mineAnd we had all night Featuring on me:♔ Shorts: Dead Doll Aileen Shorts for Anthem November round 3rd – 30th (Fits: Maitreya – Legacy – eBody Reborn)♔ Pose: Ana Poses Portrait of London @Mainstore♔ Sweater: Tetra Dina Turtleneck Knit sweater @Mainstore♔ Hair: Doux Bellami @Equal10 (November round) ♔ Location: Otter LakeContinue reading “allmine”

I am a hopeless romantic ..

It’s like I’m lying to myself (myself, myself, myself)And hopelessly romanticizing, unwilling to compromiseWith staring at the stars (stars)While standing on the moon, instead of in this roomNothing’s ever enough for meI keep it buried underneath (oh, oh-oh, oh)I’ve got the heart of a hopeless romantic Can you imagineLooking for love in somewhere it’s not?I’mContinue reading “I am a hopeless romantic ..”

Just a normal Friday night, right?

Dresses ☑Tiaras ☑Champagne ☑Sail Boat …because why not ☑ Featuring:♔ Dress I am wearing: Dead Doll Jessica Dress @Uber (current round from September 25th) after at Mainstore♔ Pose: Amitie Poses December Calendar Set @Mainstore♔Boat: BBX Design / Yachts & Buildings SLB A4 @Marketplace♔My Jewellery: Earthstones Tennis necklace / Fleur tiara ♔Hair: Doux Maddie @Mainstore FurtherContinue reading “Just a normal Friday night, right?”


If you cant beat them, join them…. Featuring…♔ Pose: OMY Premium Gin Set @Mainstore (base pose was Foxcity Pose Caffeinated )♔ Dress: NEW Dead Doll Elena Dress @Kustom9♔ Backdrop minus plant: Synnergy Diamond Lounge Backdrop @Orsy event (This event runs from September 6th – September 21th.) Further Information: OMY Puddles Premium Gin Pose setThis setContinue reading “Algorithms…”

Cry for me …

When I said I hope you’re happy, didn’t mean itNever thought you’d be so good at moving onWhen I’m lying wide awake, you’re probably sleepingAnd maybe what I’m thinking is wrong I want you to cry for me, cry for meSay you’d die for me,And if you can’t, then baby, lie for me… Featuring:♔ Top:Continue reading “Cry for me …”

She ain’t me …

I ran into you last night in our favourite barI didn’t even have to ask you how you are‘Cause I seen all the picturesOf your brand new lifeAnd the girl you been seeing’sGonna be your wifeSo I take a deep breathAnd I wait for the worst part … You say she’s beautifulLike she walked rightContinue reading “She ain’t me …”

A Tuscan Wedding…

There are times as a blogger/photographer in second life or I imagine in any industry where you hit ruts. You second guess your designs, your style.. and then comes along a pair of your favourite designers and the image just hits you. I saw this backdrop first from Minimal and loved it. It reminded meContinue reading “A Tuscan Wedding…”

You had me at hello …

I am a sucker for all things romantic. Not the romance that makes you cringe but the subtle touches, comments, actions and words that to anyone on the outside would seem insignificant yet to me, they mean the world. Like a single white rose rather than a dozen, my favourite coffee waiting for me, theContinue reading “You had me at hello …”