When mischief can no longer be managed …

I am a geek, I am a Harry potter geek and proud! lol … so I will, as of this weekend, be applying for a place at mischief managed and hoping and crossing fingers I get in!. In the mean, I decided to try and curb my excitement and spent a little time at the Wizarding Faire 2021. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the slightest and although I had already created a shopping list,.. yeah that went out the window as soon as I stepped in lol. So, while I marinate on the application to this AMAZING sim and community.. I decided to throw a little something together!

♔Background: Kraftwork The Wizard Express @Mainstore
♔Uniform on me: Nishi Uniforms 2021 @Wizarding Faire
♔Uniform on Ed: Toksik Elite Shirt and Jumper @Mainstore
♔Bag on Train seat: Dust Bunny & Con Leviosa @Wizarding Faire
♔Book pile with glasses: Pitaya Harry’s Books @Wizarding Faire
♔Cat: Rezz room Bengal Cat @Mainstore
♔Pose: West End Poses Unconditionally @Dubai Event (July Event)
♔ Wand: Nishi light wood Vine @Mischief Managed

Find the Mischief Managed Website here with all links and info …

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