Ghost Town…

I can’t erase all the things that I’ve done
But all the mistakes made me who I’ve become

I’ve been feeling
Inside out in my feelings
Upside down, on the ceiling

I’m finally breathing
The smoke ain’t gone, but it’s clearing

I ain’t there yet, but I’m healing

Doux Hair Vega @Mainstore

Tetra: Maple Top @Equal10 Event
Maple Top comes in 40 silky colors.Every part of the top can be color changed separately.Several sheer options are available for the whole top & V-part.Lace & V-part can be hidden.
Sizes: Legacy +Pekry, Maitreya +Petite, Kupra, Ebody Reborn

Fleur: Cable Knit socks @Mainstore

Tetra: Purity Thong @Mainstore

Amitie Poses: Wanderlust pier set @Mainstore
Used for background (includes log burner & Chairs and male sit in photo)

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