… garden party days …

“Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.” This post marks the first post I write now as an official blogger for Minimal, after years as having them as one of my unicorns creators, I could not be more pleased!! So without further a-due, I present the amazing Montague builds. This isContinue reading “… garden party days …”

Saturday mornings were made for walks ..

enjoy the smallest moments, those no one can take..or spoil..live in the here in and now but prepare to be better for the future… FASHION♔ Tetra Euphoria Jeans and Sweater @Equal10SIZES: Legacy +Perky, Maitreya +Petite, Kupra, Ebody RebornEuphoria Sweater has soft fabric and comes in 50 colors. Lacing & eyelets are customizable. Euphoria Jeans are very detailed andContinue reading “Saturday mornings were made for walks ..”

Christmas Card writing in London…

Writing Christmas cards… I seem to suffer the same issue in Sl as I do in RL.. who do you send them to. Rl has got a lot easier as I choose not to send them now apart from to very close family, simply because I am conscious of the environment and I’d rather findContinue reading “Christmas Card writing in London…”

You better watch out

You better not cryYou better not poutI’m telling you whySanta Claus is coming to town YES! It’s another Christmas picture.. and who would have thought I would get so excited over these amazing little mandarins from Sorumin! .. but I did.. I have issues I know. So lets go through the little details. Firstly theContinue reading “You better watch out”

Ghost Town…

I can’t erase all the things that I’ve doneBut all the mistakes made me who I’ve become I’ve been feelingInside out in my feelingsUpside down, on the ceiling I’m finally breathingThe smoke ain’t gone, but it’s clearing I ain’t there yet, but I’m healing Beauty♔Doux Hair Vega @Mainstore Fashion♔Tetra: Maple Top @Equal10 Event Maple Top comesContinue reading “Ghost Town…”


If you were all mineAnd we had all night Featuring on me:♔ Shorts: Dead Doll Aileen Shorts for Anthem November round 3rd – 30th (Fits: Maitreya – Legacy – eBody Reborn)♔ Pose: Ana Poses Portrait of London @Mainstore♔ Sweater: Tetra Dina Turtleneck Knit sweater @Mainstore♔ Hair: Doux Bellami @Equal10 (November round) ♔ Location: Otter LakeContinue reading “allmine”

Kiss my ..

Tell me about how you want me backBaby, you can kiss my ok queue excitement time, its officially October and I can get away with the numerous autumn pictures! First point, this new stunning set from Tetra on their popular blossom set has been updated to a celestial version AND if that wasn’t enough, itsContinue reading “Kiss my ..”

Meet me after work …

Featuring:♔ Pose: NEW Lyrium Anais Pose set @Mainstore♔ Jeans: Osmia Lennox Jeans @C88 ♔ Hair: Doux Laura @Mainstore♔ Sweater: Tetra Soft Sweater @Mainstore♔ Main Pub: Minimal The Golden Building @Mainstore♔ Phone Box: Minimal Group Gift Phone Box @Mainstore♔ Store: Apple Fall Caranby Store @Mainstore♔ Beret: Cheezu daily wool beret @Mainstore (was available, not sure ifContinue reading “Meet me after work …”