Something in the air…

But when it comes down
Something in the air says we’re about to drown
Baby, we wеre meant for closure
Tеll me when the storm is over
So carried away, I’ll hold on to your hand until the ground stops shaking
Baby, will you let me know then..
Tell me when the storm is over

♔ Pose: Ana poses Cantania @Mainstore (in main picture)
♔ Dress: NEW Aleutia Julep Gown @C88
♔ Location: Taken on site at Deer River Here

Further Information: Julep Gown
Coming to C88 on the 8th… the Julep Gown! Julep is all grace and charm, and every single gown comes with a gold/silver zipper option, a glitter option, and an inner lining option with 36 colours. (Be sure to check out the fabulous patterns packs as well!)

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