I think you’re beautiful, someone so special but I got to tell you something is wrong with me, that I can’t commit to you, be what you need..
I wanna claim you, I really do but I can’t so I ask you to wait for me, till I’m ready to be happy till then we’ll be lowkey.
I’m so sorry I might sound crazy..

I know I’m selfish but one day I’ll love you, maybe I already do but just can’t tell you

♔ Outfit: NEW Salt & Pepper Bondage Set SPICE @WCF
♔ Pose: Focus Pose set Adult 6 @Mainstore
♔ Hair on second photo : NEW Stealthic Realness @Kustom9
♔ Underwear : Muse Secret garden
♔ Shibari Marks: Persephone Shibari marks

Further Information: Salt & Pepper Bondage Set SPICE
A brand new bondage set, with a complete overhaul of scripts / all items rigged! (an additional unrigged collar and leash is included as well)
16 embossed leather colours, 6 linings, 6 metals included
Fully scripted
RLV enabled
Matching leashholder will be available as well
Lara / Lara Petite / Legacy / Legacy Perky

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