u love u

Sometimes I wanna call, but I got shit to do
I’m tryin’ to forget, but then I’m missin’ you
Addicted to yourself, you gotta read the room
‘Cause ain’t nobody watchin’ but you think they do
Yeah, tell me what you want from me
Can you love me back please?
Tell me what you want from me

Featuring the amazing new Super float from Chez Moi (@ Summerfest) and the stunning Son top and shorts set from Aleutia (@Anthem)!!

Chez Moi Super Float @Summerfest
Aleutia Soi Set @Anthem
Minimal Philippines Backdrop @Mainstore

Other Items
♔ Food on Floater: Dust Bunny Tropical delights
♔ Pose Addy: Foxcity Mermaid (1)
♔ Pose (Nicole): Part of the chez moi floater pose set
♔ Magazine & Hat: Focus Poses Life is better on the boat prop set

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