Second, third and hundredth chances…

I do believe, the term winter seems to have been replaced by the term Christmas for anything before Jan 1st. When you hear people talking it’s all about Christmas, they love this season, and the fact that days spent in festive pj’s seems to be far more acceptable than those days wearing just your normalContinue reading “Second, third and hundredth chances…”


Featuring…♔ Pose: Ana Poses Porto (Slightly edited for carrying bucket) @Mainstore♔ Dress: Salt & Pepper Linda Dress @Mainstore (was Sept 10th Equal) ♔ Hair: Stealthic Realness @Mainstore♔ Background: Varonis Dayport Scene @Mainstore ♔Black Cat: Rezz Room Bombay Adult Cat @Kustom9 (current round) Further Information: Salt & Pepper The Dirndl is a typical German (Bavarian) dressContinue reading “Shadows”

fall moments

I really wanted to say “fall is coming..” but it sounded too games of thrones.. But a morning in sweaters.. tights… and pumpkin spiced lattes at Burrow is a morning well spent. Featuring:♔ Outfit: NEW Sorumin Hall Fall outfit @Anthem♔ Donut: NEW Hangry panda donut @Kustom9♔ Coffee: MVT Coffee (previous gacha at the store)♔ Hair:Continue reading “fall moments”

Don’t judge me…

but it’s all about the scrunches Ok first of all, I have to get my crush moment over with right now… this outfit comes with SCRUNCHES!!! It sounds like a got a little happy over nothing here but come on, they are scrunches that match with your outfit lol .. and to be fair, IContinue reading “Don’t judge me…”

Heartbreak anthem …

This ain’t a heartbreak anthemI don’t care what happenedBut I ain’t got no time to dwell on itDon’t wanna throw a tantrumYou did what you had toNo, I ain’t got no time to dwell on itAnd I don’t wanna feel, I don’t wanna feel hollowChasin’ you and me, chasin’ all of these shadowsThis ain’t aContinue reading “Heartbreak anthem …”