b u t t e r c u p s

“Watch carefullythe magic that occurswhen you give a person enough comfortto just be themselves.” ― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild Credits… ♔ Pose:  West End Poses Twisted @Mainstore ♔ Outfit:  Sorumin Boho Dress NEW @Anthem Wasabi Indigo @Mainstore ♔ Location:  On location at the beautiful new sim Soul Deep

m o o s e h e a d l a k e

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest – It’s about who walked into your life, said ‘I’m here for you’ and proved it” I finally grabbed this amazing lady for a photo because let’s face it, time runs away with us in SL! And we all have time to message randomly but to actuallyContinue reading “m o o s e h e a d l a k e”

b u m b l e g u m p i n k

…because this friday, I am stepping out in this amazing bright barbie pink dress and embracing the evening sun.. and despite what Fletcher says, it is warm today despite it being England! ☀️ Bring on the gin! Credits… ♔ Pose:  Ana Poses Winchester Pose F4 @Mainstore ♔ Outfit:  Apple Blossom Purple Dress Fatpack Colour @CosmopolitanContinue reading “b u m b l e g u m p i n k”

. . . a n d I m i s s y o u

And I keep playing backWhen I saw you lastHands down your backLike a movie in my headI swear it’s always likeThings are going fine‘Til tequila limeBrings you up again Love it or hate it, I have started to really like some of the country music coming out at the moment. This song, is one ofContinue reading “. . . a n d I m i s s y o u”

n e w r o m a n t i c s

It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do. — Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen) Credits… ♔ Pose:  Lyrium In Bloom Pose 1 @Access (NOT altered to hold flowers) ♔ Outfit:  Tetra Off shoulder leather Jacket (legacy) @Mainstore Doux Katy @Mainstore ChicChica Lavender Flowers @Collabor88 DDL Pencil Skit @Mainstore HiveContinue reading “n e w r o m a n t i c s”

f r e n c h l a c e

“We swam in Paris, as if jumping between the painting of an artists dreams. We were the watercolour strokes across the cobbled canvas, bleeding into the stone” ~ Atticus Credits… ♔ Pose: Ana Poses Her September 7 GACHA ♔ Lingerie: Apple Blossom Aviva @Mainstore ♔ Hair: Doux Indigo @Mainstore (was Tres Chic for March) ♔ Background:  MinimalContinue reading “f r e n c h l a c e”

a n t i – s o c i a l

“HappinessAin’t something you sit back and you wait for With my emotions undressed, I’m going in with everythingTo dance again“ Anyone else literally obsessed with jeans and sweaters? Yep me for one.. and at a time where we should be putting our winter wardrobes away, in England it doesnt seem want to warm up soContinue reading “a n t i – s o c i a l”