f r e n c h l a c e

“We swam in Paris, as if jumping between the painting of an artists dreams. We were the watercolour strokes across the cobbled canvas, bleeding into the stone” ~ Atticus Credits… ♔ Pose: Ana Poses Her September 7 GACHA ♔ Lingerie: Apple Blossom Aviva @Mainstore ♔ Hair: Doux Indigo @Mainstore (was Tres Chic for March) ♔ Background:  MinimalContinue reading “f r e n c h l a c e”

a n t i – s o c i a l

“HappinessAin’t something you sit back and you wait for With my emotions undressed, I’m going in with everythingTo dance again“ Anyone else literally obsessed with jeans and sweaters? Yep me for one.. and at a time where we should be putting our winter wardrobes away, in England it doesnt seem want to warm up soContinue reading “a n t i – s o c i a l”

q u a r a n t i n e q u e e n

“What a time to be aliveAre we all just pretendingThat the world isn’t ending?“ “And maybe we’re caught in a gameOf throwing the best things awayIt’s about the right time for a change, oh, woah, woah, ohUntil we learn to understandWe’ll go back around this again and again“ Tomorrow we take one step closer toContinue reading “q u a r a n t i n e q u e e n”