c a n d y f l o s s g i r l s

Ok, sooo… I have always been a winter girl! I love the snow, the snuggling jumpers, the wood fires, the hot chcolate and twinkling lights and the summer has never really appealed to me.. until to be honest, the last year. The same goes for SL. I love the winter season and the sims peopleContinue reading “c a n d y f l o s s g i r l s”

g e l a t o

because sometimes all you need is cold delicious ice-cream… Credits… ♔ Pose and ice cream stand: Amitie Ice-cream friend @Mainstore ♔ Oufit: NEW Cynful Casual Baddie Body suit and skirt (can be worn sperate- yay for the beach) @Equal10 ♔ Hair: Stealthic Brink @Mainstore ♔ Earrings: OSMIA – 90`ss Baby Chamomile (Gacha) ♔ Sunglasses: [Fetch]Continue reading “g e l a t o”

b e a c h d a y s

Come to the beach…Where the sea is blue…and little white waves…come running to you… A wave comes splashing…Over your toes…You just stand still… and away it goes … We’ll build a castle…Down by the sea…And look for shells… If you’ll come with me… Credits… ♔ Top: NEW Sorumin Chamomiles @Equal10 ♔ Shorts: COCO Flare ShortsContinue reading “b e a c h d a y s”

n e o n n i g h t s

The grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles. With the circuits like freeways. I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then one day, I got in…. Credits… ♔ Pose: Foxcity Indecent @Mainstore ♔Continue reading “n e o n n i g h t s”

d r u n k a l l s u m m e r

“You set alight in my heart and mind… …..the most beautiful chaos” ~Atticus Credits… ♔ Romper: NEW Aleutia Sol Romper @Collabor88 (May 8th) ♔ Hair: Doux Chill @Mainstore ♔ Location: Taken on site @Tulum Township by Ethan Lane (This is amazing! I implore you guys to go check it out!) Huge thank you to NukaContinue reading “d r u n k a l l s u m m e r”