s l o w e r

I heard this song today and it resonated with me. There are times I am too quiet, too conscious on not feeding fires, on not lowering myself to the drama and the negativity people seem to revel in at times. But there are times I also don’t say anything because I don’t like to upsetContinue reading “s l o w e r”

b u i l d u p d o n t p u l l d o w n

Too often, in any world we are too quick to pull others down. Maybe because we are different, they don’t understand our world, our troubles, our journey…who we are because of our past or where we want to go. Jealously rages, insecurity speaks its dirty whispers in our ears…or the horrible silent competition courtesy ofContinue reading “b u i l d u p d o n t p u l l d o w n”