b o l s h o i

dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion Finding ballet items such as clothes, poses and blochs is soooo hard. For example, I LOVE the legacy body. I won’t consider any other body even when I try others I keep coming back to legacy. That being said I am envious of the pointedContinue reading “b o l s h o i”

s u n.. s e a.. s a n d.. a n d …

Get your mind out of the gutter people.. I was merely thinking of sorbet! Showcasing the new amazing pose set from Lyrium. So.. here is the 411 on these poses. They come with two options: static and breathing. Now I make use of both of these! Firstly, it’s pretty obvious I use the static forContinue reading “s u n.. s e a.. s a n d.. a n d …”

g e l a t o

because sometimes all you need is cold delicious ice-cream… Credits… ♔ Pose and ice cream stand: Amitie Ice-cream friend @Mainstore ♔ Oufit: NEW Cynful Casual Baddie Body suit and skirt (can be worn sperate- yay for the beach) @Equal10 ♔ Hair: Stealthic Brink @Mainstore ♔ Earrings: OSMIA – 90`ss Baby Chamomile (Gacha) ♔ Sunglasses: [Fetch]Continue reading “g e l a t o”

b e a c h d a y s

Come to the beach…Where the sea is blue…and little white waves…come running to you… A wave comes splashing…Over your toes…You just stand still… and away it goes … We’ll build a castle…Down by the sea…And look for shells… If you’ll come with me… Credits… ♔ Top: NEW Sorumin Chamomiles @Equal10 ♔ Shorts: COCO Flare ShortsContinue reading “b e a c h d a y s”