Addy 17:25
I’m just out with Alex

Tex 17:28
Good! Having fun?
….or do I need to come keep things in line…

T-Shirt: Osmia Mabel Blouse @Kustom9
Has matching skirt (not shown)
Blouse has 15 colors + 10 bonus colors in fullpack + 25 sleeves & collar colors in each packs • Skirt has 15 colors + 10 bonus colors • Materials included• FullPacks available Sizes:• maitreya + petite• legacy + perky• ebody reborn• kupra
See Flickr here

Jeans: Osmia Nasty Jeans @Mainstore

Backdrop: Minimal Bradshaw Building @Uber
Land impact: 67Size: 10x19x21
see Flickr link here

Backdrop 2: Minimal The Golden Building @Mainstore

Pose: Foxcity Downtown Pose @Mainstore (Includes drinks and phone)

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