Long weekends..

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more…

Yay for bank Holidays this weekend, an extra day not working this week,, not so yay for the gin and lemonade consumed which has been followed by the phrase, ‘nope never again’ .. or ‘must eat before drinking’… and discovering muscles I thought I used when working out only to find these must be muscles only linked to dancing to 90’s throwback songs, which now have me walking like I am indeed 90 years old. Pretty sure I shall forget all this when we have another two days off soon for our Queens Jubilee…. watch this space!

In the midst of this drinking weekend, Minimal brought out this amazing Bradshaw Building and yep you guessed it, pretty much in love with it for soooo many reasons. Pretty sure this is going to feature a lot in my photos and not to mention would look great in city builds on sims!

Backdrop: Minimal Bradshaw Building @Uber
Landimpact: 67Size: 10x19x21
see Flickr link here

Pose: West End Poses – Double Trouble @Mainstore

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