We are the lightening strike..

We are the love that burns the sky…
We are the ones that they can’t touch..

I’m fighting for love, fighting for you…

Well, this is almost 5 months late but in the end, they were finally finished and personally I feel they are worth it. For any picture I create, I have to feel the emotion, I have to embed myself in the character’s faces… and somehow put it into my drawing and editing style. For a while, I felt I had lost this spark, and though some may disagree, I could feel the change in my pictures. I think personally, I was stretching myself in blog posts, trying to make them fit who I am and my work rather than having the freedom to create.

So here we are.. technically from the 24th of December.. Him & I…

Some of the items used…
♔Wedding Dress: Sofia Corleone Georgia Wedding Dress
♔Poses: Ana Poses (morning star / in the park) K&S (when will the wedding be) Infiniti (Quiet Thoughts) AL (Couple 228)
♔Car: {777-lite] Gentleman – Gun Powder
♔Leaving Dress: Kenny Rowlands Haneia Dress
♔Leaving Background: Minimal Montague Backdrop 1
♔Suitcases: David Heather Gacha pieces
♔Hair: Doux Lynn

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