…watch me burn…

His hand ran up her arm, watching the evidence of shivers dance upon her flesh, his other running into her hair, gripping as lips pulled away from each other, eyes focussed, searching as if to finally see the soul of the person that occupied their entire being. Alone in the steam room, their heavy panting breaths mingling with the sound of the water as it trickled into the fountain, her back to the wall, swollen kissed lips cursing into the sweet jasmine air as he found his mark on her neck, where shoulder meets it counterpart, pressing teeth to refresh it. her strong dancers thighs buckling as the sensations washed over her like a wave, leaving no part of her unaffected .. a desperate whisper at his ear.. “I ..need your ..words..

Hands tightening around her wrists pulling them to the wall above her, shoving a kiss into her whisper, his own mouth giving a way a “fuck” into the air as one hand moved to grip hard to her hair, pulling her closer to his lips.. as whispered firm words, almost guttural, formed into her conscious.. “My words.. you want my words…You fucking consume me...I love you.. desperatelyYou.. are mine..

Her hands fought to be released, needing to mark his skin, to drive nails into his back.. those red welts would belong to her and her alone. Eyes once closed now open at his, staring into the blue depths, the desire, the need.. almost suffocating her as arms locked around his neck and her body made small work of lifting around him, feet locked behind his back, her own to the tile, pressed tight as the towel fell from her body.. lips to his ear “more than you fucking know

There’s no use in looking back in time
And you’re living in your mind
And nostalgia holds you in dark places
But I’ll be here just in case you dеcide you want some help
Wе can face it

I’ll take care of you if you want
Make you food, iron your shirt
‘Cause I find it’s all I know
Make you cocky when you hurt
And you, maybe we met in a past life
Maybe it worked out right
and I could handle any turn

I’ll be your candle, watch me burn

Hair: Tram L0408 @C88 (April round)
See Flickr Link here

Female Towel: Lunar Beth Towels @Mainstore
See Flickr Link here

Backdrop: Minimal Thermae Skybox @Mainstore
See Flickr Link here

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