Saturday mornings were made for walks ..

enjoy the smallest moments, those no one can take..or in the here in and now but prepare to be better for the future…

♔ Tetra Euphoria Jeans and Sweater @Equal10
SIZES: Legacy +Perky, Maitreya +Petite, Kupra, Ebody Reborn
Euphoria Sweater has soft fabric and comes in 50 colors. Lacing & eyelets are customizable. 
Euphoria Jeans are very detailed and customizable, they come in 30 denim colors.Beautiful optional Belt with vintage buckle included. It comes in 20 colors for both belt and buckle.There are 2 little details in the pockets, Lighter in the front pocket, and condom in back pocket – both items can be hidden with hud. 
Euphoria Boots are laced-up ankle boots, they come in 25 suede colors. Lacing & sole are customizable.
See the flickr post here

♔ Tetra Ellie Backpack @Mainstore

♔ ChicChica Matcha Latte @Mainstore

♔ Doux Somi Hair @Equal10
See flickr post here

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