come sail away with me…

where no one knows our names and we dance upon the shore breeze..

I am a sucker for a tropical getaway.. the white shores, the tropical plants, swim up bars… crystal clear seas.. yep, that’s me. Sunning my pale European skin and watching as my freckles appear and my hair turns lighter. Quite often, this type of location has been rare to find in SL without someone trying to cram more and more into the sim to make it .. attractive? more appealing? more to do? who knows.. but.. yesterday I stumbled upon a gem. The Aeaea Islands.. a stunning place to sit with friends, lovers.. by yourself.. reading in a hammock or walking the shores.

It was also the perfect place to wear the new Daphne mini dress from Tres Blah, which… I have to be honest, I haven’t stopped wearing since I got it. I love the little details, like the way some of the buttons are undone, fabric hanging naturally, fitting beautifully, and the cute little hem and ties at the shoulder. What’s more.. Yes.. it comes with panties!! I love it when creators put little details like this in, it means I don’t have to fight with BOM ones or find a pair that aren’t seen through the top layer!

I personally, would recommend checking both out and who knows, maybe see you on the island..

Ads xoxox

♔ Doux: Morning Hair @Mainstore

♔ Tres Blah: Daphne Mini Dress @TheFifty
Sizes: Maitreya + Petite, Legacy + Perky, Kupra, eBody Reborn and Freya.
15 Colours to choose from (fatpack has additional 5 colours, Panties with colour changer included. See Flickr here

♔ Hive: Vacation Vibe @Mainstore
See Flickr Here

♔ Aeaea Islands: Grab your plane ticket here

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