lollipops and lingerie …

with what I am sure you will agree, is completely appropriate Sunday morning attire…

I won’t lie, for a while I have struggled with motivation for blogging, to really feel the pictures and do the creators of the content I am honoured to receive, justice. As result, and perhaps also due to a lot of RL stresses right now, I took my sponsorship down to a bare minimum. This was not personal to those I said goodbye to at all, but I seemed to have lost who I was in the process and I need to get back to that. A huge call out to Extra poses for their lovely message she sent me as a result of stepping away. Its little details like this that really make bloggers feel appreciated. She is also an amazing creator so please check out her stuff here. I know I will continue to use her items as a paying customer!…

I digress… so here we are…the day before valentines day, with the stresses slowly starting to lift, they haven’t gone and they won’t be gone for a while but I am doing things ease them slowly.. While I spent my time cleaning out some things in Sl this week, this amazing set came in and I knew immediately how I saw this post. Imagining standing there.. watching out of the door and waving to the half blind and deaf 93 year old neighbour as she tries squints, trying to see exactly what it is I am wearing while in public.. my own eyes at the iron fencing that adorns the shared gardens across the road, my husband coming back from his job (despite the fact I run further from him, today I won’t rub that one in) .. knowing the adrenaline already has his heart racing and it won’t take long before his eyes find mine, then the lingerie… and that dark smile of his shows at the corner of lips. His walk moves to more of a deep stepped prowl and I will slowly begin to back into the house…knowing the game of cat and mouse will intensify and leave us both breathless..

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