Christmas Card writing in London…

Writing Christmas cards… I seem to suffer the same issue in Sl as I do in RL.. who do you send them to. Rl has got a lot easier as I choose not to send them now apart from to very close family, simply because I am conscious of the environment and I’d rather find something a little more personal if I can. Those close to me know this and there is no pressure to return cards if sent, especially if the same money used goes to charity and this year the choice is an animal welfare charity for a personal reason.

SL seems to be a different breed, as with most things SL. The whole sending of cards seems to be a relatively new phase in SL or it has for me. I like the idea, it feels nice to imidate RL but it comes with questions.

Just who do you send them to?

There are the couples you send to where you only really know the one person and not both, the friend you haven’t spoken to in years, the people who will secretly hold a flame and would hate to see someone else name next to yours, the person who left your life and you desperately want them back in, the single friends who as much as they smile and support, it hurts to see couple cards and the people who struggle with this time of year in general.. and you don’t know if a card helps or hinders.

I choose to try and spread some cheer, or if not cheer, some thoughts, that they are in our mind, or in mine, or in his…

Doux: Octavia Hair @Kustom9

Tetra: Off-shoulder cardigan (this is a joint release with socks previously posted) @Equal10
Both cardigan & socks come in 50 matching colors (40 regular colors + 10 bonus colors for fatpack).> Each color available in fluffy & knit fabrics
For Ebody Reborn / Kupra / Legacy / Maitreya
Please see flickr post here.

Neve by coldLogic: Cross panties and Bra

Ana Poses: Graz Pose 10 @Arcade

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