Winter Treats…

Ok, who is ready for Christmas?

Well, not me… I have recovered from COVID in October only to be hit by cold after cold in the after facing months and presently sat with a tub of vick as my friend. So, that means I have all of.. no time to get my entire presents in. Yay me!

So, now I have broken up from work, which has been a pain in my ass for the last couple of months, I shall be spending my Monday morning writing a reverse Santa list of what to get my nearest and dearest while also planning the busiest three days of my life. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day, and all the food prep that goes with that, the schedule of seeing everyone from such a huge family and of course taking into consideration all the family politics that have risen over the course of the 12 months since last Christmas.

It had me thinking, why do we stress out over just one day? The pressure for the perfect presents, comparing and evaluating how much your present pile has cost and is it enough versus what they are spending on you. The ‘have I really read what they like’ fear and then crying when you see your bank balance. A few years ago I actually tried to put a little aside every month so that December wasn’t so scary.. yeah that did not last long at all. And I am aware that I am also a nightmare to buy for… I buy what I like or need during the year and then spend from October onwards being told by my sister, that I am banned from purchasing anything unless its an essential.

So cue me.. surround by lists and google searches, amongst the cough medicine and headache tablets and pressing express delivery on everything being ordered over the next few days.

Here is hoping no one else has left things quite so last as me this year!

Doux Hair: Octavia @Kustom9

Indigo: Sacai Cut Out Bodysuit @C88

Indigo: Hirst Ruched Skirt @C88

Both available in 10 colors with 3 bonus colors obtainable via fatpack. Fitted for Maitreya Lara + Petite, Legacy + Perky & Kupra.
Flickr link here

Movement Store: Gingerbread Wishes Christmas Cake (red) @Equal10

Movement Store: Gingerbread Wishes Christmas Tree cookie wearable (has decor options too) @Equal10
See flickr here.

MESHWORX~Orange And Pine Cones Wreath

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