You better watch out

You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

YES! It’s another Christmas picture.. and who would have thought I would get so excited over these amazing little mandarins from Sorumin! .. but I did.. I have issues I know. So lets go through the little details.

Firstly the clementines, scarf, mitten and ear muffs are all coming from Sorumin who is kicking it out of the park for Winter items so far this year. The cute sweater is freshly released from Tetra as a GIFT! It accompanies the new update to their previous release on the soft knit sweater with new sizes and tweaks on the others. Team it up with dragging the other half to look around one of my fav sims right now, Snowdrops, and you have one happy blogger, though I did have to carry the oranges.. and the drinks a little while ago.. tsk tsk on gentlemanly actions…

Take a look at the links below and full details 🙂


Doux: Peaches @Mainstore

Tetra: Soft knit sweater in holiday pattern (GIFT) @Holiday Shop & Hop
Soft Sweater WAS UPDATED! We’ve added new sizes for Ebody Reborn & Kupra bodies. And fixed issues with Legacy & Legacy Perky sizes. Please use in-store Redelivery to get the update. Also they have a 30% Discount on Phoenix dressPurity SetGeena SetDina Set at Holiday Shop & Hop (December 8 – January 2).

Sorumin: Get warm SET @Santa Inc.
Scarf and mittens.Please, try DEMO first!Copy, no transfer, modify. The ear muffs are available as the nice gift. Spend 800L in the event to unlock the first Mystery Box (Naughty or Nice?) and receive them both at 1500L 💘 80 original prizes await you!
More Info can be found here

Sorumin: Crate of mandarins @Anthem
Copy, no transfer, modify.Comes with resizer script and HUD for crate and pine branches. Event Opens 3rd – Midnight SLT. (2nd-3rd crossover)

Snowdrops Sim by Kess Cyrstal and Trouble Dethly

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