Second, third and hundredth chances…

I do believe, the term winter seems to have been replaced by the term Christmas for anything before Jan 1st. When you hear people talking it’s all about Christmas, they love this season, and the fact that days spent in festive pj’s seems to be far more acceptable than those days wearing just your normal run of the mills pjs. I mean add tartan to anything and you immediately think of Scotland and its castles, being snowed in and drinking hot whiskey by the fire.. or that might just be me. Even on remote work calls I will hold my hand up and admit that I may be very well presented on my upper half but not going to lie, there have been days the pj bottoms or yoga pants are on with huge thick socks, sat crossed legged hugging a cup of chocolate as I mind-numbingly work through emails or listen in on calls that need me present.

And as most people who know me on SL, I am the same person there as I am at home. So cue some excitement when Sorumin brought out a pj set that was tartan and Christmas themed! Matched with the cute little Christmas drinks from Movement both of which can be found at the Arcade event and I was quite happy spending the time at home dressed just as you see. Of course, I didn’t sit there and do nothing, and spent some time looking at Christmas gifts for friends and family, finding little cute boxes to put things in (would be really handy if more things were transfer!) The new Kraftworks gift wrapping at Anthem table looks amazing in our snug at the back of the main house right now and at least one room I can go Christmas tartan crazy in!

So lets face it, I love Christmas, I have made this abundantly clear I think 🙂 so pretty sure this is going to be one of the MANY Christmas posts you see this season, I promise I will try to keep it all this side of Christmas Day…


Stealthic: Euphoric @Anthem

Sorumin: Xmas home party SET @Arcade
Please see the Flickr link here as this is a large set available with different options to choose from.
Sizes: Legacy + Perky | Maitreya + Petite

Movement Store: Holiday Mugs @Arcade (lots to choose from!!!)

Kraftwork: Christmas Wrapping table (party of the Kraftworks Christmas sets) @Anthem
Please see Flickr Link here

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