My favourite time of year…

OK, first of all, I love and appreciate Grammerly for its really useful features that save me from the grammar fairy.. BUT darn it stop trying to auto-correct to American English.. there is a u in favourite for me! 🙂

all that grammar aside, this really is my favourite time of year.. winter to be precise. I love that for me, the world seems to quieten and on a day like today where the snow had taken us all by surprise and snowed us in, the world almost stops. It is peaceful, if even for a couple of hours, covered in a blanket of white with the warm twinkling of street lights coming on early fill the horizon. I love the fact I can have a roaring fire on and listen to the wood snap and crack, the sound of the flames dancing while wearing literally the thickest pair of knitted woolen socks you may have ever seen. And just for this moment, before the famous British past time of panicking over milk and bread sets in or the children go insane as their schools have closed due to the snow and cabin fever ensues.. I am sat here, drinking hot chocolate listening to a very beautiful silent world.

Sorumin: Christmas Bear Hat @Tannenbaum
Sold with full HUD. Lights have 3 versions – static, off and blink. Has resizer script. Copy, modify, no transfer.
Flickr link here

Little Fox: Mina Collection @Uber (25th November)
Mina Top 25 single colors• 5 fullpack extra colors• 35 undershirt options (25 colors/10 tartan patterns) via HUD in every single purchase• AutoAlpha• BOM layer alpha 
 Mina pants • 25 single colors• 5 fullpack extra colors• AutoAlpha• BOM layer alpha Fitted for Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite, Ebody Reborn, Inithium Kupra
Flickr Link here

Movement Store: Ready to go Sweater overarm and drinks @N21
Copy / Resizable – No Mod
Flickr Link Here

Take onsite at Nelipot

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