When we are thankful..

Ok, first of all, I am not American, in theory, this holiday should apply to me in the smallest sense. However, some of my family is, and there is one thing they have taught me this year more than most for some reason… how to be thankful. Thankful for those things we take for granted, thankful for those around us, no matter the large or small part they play in our lives. Thankful for second chances, for love, for happiness, for peace and grace and health. In this next coming year I hope to make this a focus on mine, to concentrate on the blessings around me rather than the negativity, to surround myself in healthy friendships and environments.

Doux Hair Circe @Equal10

Dead Doll: Alisha MaxiSweater @Uber (November 25th 2021 round)
For Maitreya, Petite & Legacy! – Link to Flickr

Tetra: Cargo Pants @Mainstore

-Extra- Poses: Gravy Gang (this includes the props used in the hands) @Mainstore

Apple Fall: Pumpkin Urn @Mainstore

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