Hot Chocolate and Snowdrops …

The winter is coming, yes, yes it is… where the nights draw in and the thick knit sweaters come. Falling in love with those Christmas drinks from Starbucks.. oh wait that might just be me but still, I mean on Fudge brownie Hot Chocolate or Gingerbread latte, they scream winter. It those walk through the woodland with leaves crunching under your foot and cold noses giving that rosy glow to your face. It’s coming home in the evening.. with fairy lights twinkling on the Christmas Tree and the smell of cloves and winter spice lingering in the air. I am quite partial to the White Company’s winter candles..ok partial or obsessed, there is a fine line.

Anyway, back to SL.. and with this amazing season upon us, I am genuinely excited to see the Snowdrop Sim in readiness. Kess and Trouble have absolutely broken expectations in this wonderful location. As much as I always assume such artistry from them, it’s still amazement when I step into the worlds they create. Funnily enough, I had an idea for this shoot to be placed someone in the snow but then I found the hot chocolate van and I was determined to show off these amazing pieces right here!

Firstly, let’s look at the new Sorumin Warm Jacket Set out now at Anthem. I love that Nastasica decided to place a hoodie under it, and loved it, even more, the verbiage on the hoodie can be changed as well as all the colours from zipping, to jacket to the hoodie (only fatpack allows you to change colour of the hoodie) . I think at the time of planning this, Movement Store came out with their 60 LS Weekend special which I fell in love with!! I mean it has essentially almost a winter-themed Starbucks cup AND wellington boots!! Teaming with the Little Fox harness leggings and a cute short hair cut from Doux, I was all set to sip on hot chocolate and enjoy Snowdrops.

♔Jacket: Sorumin Warm jacket @Anthem
♔Boots and Latte: Movement Rainy boots @Mainstore
♔Hair: Doux Siena @Mainstore
♔Leggings: Little Fox harness Leggings @Mainstore
♔Location: Snowdrops 2021

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