ColourBlind …

Sometimes we find love in a place we wouldn’t have looked…

ok.. so I need to get back to writing a little more here then just the statements, song lyrics or poetry and today we are going to start with a creator crush. A creator crush that I took the chance to apply for their blog team and got in! Now recently, I decided to lower the amount of creators I blog for. This was needed, I was too strung out on trying to get better, blog for all these amazing people but unfortunately, I lost sight of what I enjoy. I lost sight of my unique spin on photos and creativity. This was not an easy decision at all and I was in turmoil over those I decided to let go. Every single one of the creators I blog for means something to me, and that’s not a kiss ass moment its a genuine appreciation.

So I have taken some time to get back to myself and I mean we all need this from time to time, this was mine. I kept 6 creators with a dream list of those I would would love to have, the ever ‘Can I ever get on their blogging team’ list. Well, this week…I managed to get on one of the dream creator lists. Movement Store are down right amazing… in SL, and not just for photos but in general having my avi stood somewhere kinda thing, I like props. I like a situation to look real, to look lived in, kinda like an apartment or house is prepped to be sold, its staged. So, when the opened their blogging doors I literally jumped at the idea! And … I managed to get in!! I literally could not be more happier.

So here we go.. the first shot .. with their new Halloween Movie Night set.. and not only is it used in this photo but right now for fall this set is going to stay prime time in the Chez Moi Pinery Picnic set which over looks my beautiful Blake Sea home.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

Movement Halloween Movie Night @Equal10
Ana Poses Temptation Couple Pose @Mainstore
Rezz Room Adult German Shepherd Companion @Mainstore
COCO Crew Neck Crop Sweater (PaleGrey) @Mainstore
Osmia Ashley Boyfriend Jeans @Mainstore
Doux Circe Hair @Kustom9

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