I wanna know …

I wanna know who’s in your head?
Stealing your heart while I’m still bleeding
Who’s in your bed?
Wrapped in your arms, while I ain’t sleeping

When he decides to crash onsite while I have a mini meltdown on lightening and poses… not going to lie, this was not the direction of the original photo!

♔ Bodysuit: Little Fox Serenity bodysuit out now @FameshedX
♔ Backdrop: Minimal Ksabi Skybox @Mainstore
♔ Hair: Doux Miyeon @Mainstore
♔ Pose: Ana Poses The Couple @Mainstore

Further information: Little Fox Serenity Bodysuit
• 20 single colours
• 10 extra full pack colours
• 30 trims options
• 30 laces options
• You can change trims and laces in every single purchase via HUD
• Opaque + 3 transparency levels (10% – 20% – 30%) 
Fitted for Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite, Inithium Kupra and Ebody Reborn

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