she is on the other side of Jupiter ..

And she don’t want anybody touching her
And if you love her please just let her hurt

Cause she doesn’t want your love she’d rather burn
Back to earth

It is fall season, my favourite season which is a very close twin to winter and Synnergy have done it again by providing an amazing back drop for all your photos. A cute bay window with autumn city feel that simulates those thoughts of hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced lattes and lost in books of romance or fantasy. For me, this is healing month, a reset month.. of getting back to where I need to be and evaluating all that around me.

♔Background: Synnergy Fall Bay Window at Mainstore
♔ Book & Muffin: Apple Fall Book & Muffin @Mainstore
♔ Outfit: Fleur Naomi Shirt / Fleur cable knit socks / Fleur Naomi Sweatpants @Mainstore

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