She ain’t me …

I ran into you last night in our favourite bar
I didn’t even have to ask you how you are
‘Cause I seen all the pictures
Of your brand new life
And the girl you been seeing’s
Gonna be your wife
So I take a deep breath
And I wait for the worst part …

You say she’s beautiful
Like she walked right out of your dreams
She ain’t cynical
She never fights or disagrees
But I know you and what you need
And she can’t give you everything
‘Cause there’s one thing she’ll never be

She ain’t me

♔Dress: NEW Dead Doll Dawn Dress out now at Uber and later at Mainstore
♔ Pose: NEW Lyrium Jasmin Static and breathing stand at Equal10 (August 10th to September 5th)
♔ Hair: Doux Vanilla @Mainstore
♔ Location: Burrow Company Sim

Further Information: Lyrium Jasmin
5 Static poses with curvy options. and mirrored poses. Works on priority 3&4 and has both static and subtle breathing options. The subtle breathing includes light finger and leg movement.

Further Information: Dead Doll Dawn Dress
The dress also has an amazing back to it and available in a collection of colours, please see the ad post here.

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