When was it over…

Was it that night you didn’t ask where I had been?
Was it that fight we didn’t have when I came in?Was it the first time that you saw me drunk?
Second time that I said, “I’m sorry”?Third time that I didn’t call?
Stayed out and missed your party?
That time I met your friends, I was indifferent

I didn’t ask if you were okay
After a fight with your mom
The last timе I stayed over at your place
And you wokе up aloneWas it the first time you pulled away?
Second time that we drove to Texas?
Third time we ran into one of my random exes?
So was it ever real?
Or was it all pretend?

When was it over for you?
When was it over?
When was the moment you knew
That you were gonna walk out eventually?

It’s still not over for me

♔ Pose: West End Poses All of me @Mainstore
♔ Dress: NEW Sorumin Village Vibe Dress (Simple Dress) @Anthem
♔ Hair: Doux Venezia @Mainstore
♔ Backdrop: NEW Foxcity Calm Waters @Kustom9 (August round)

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