Drive me home please…

take me on dates, to places where no one knows our names, just you and I in our world…
Hold on to me when it seems I pull away, knowing I’m hiding like an injured cat but I will come out eventually…

let me feel that in the moments where the everyday noise drowns us out, that you still see me…
touch me intimately, forehead kisses, or on the small on my back to let me know I’m safe…
and on days when I seem low and lost, chicken nuggets will work to make me smile as well as ice cream…


♔Outfit: NEW Tetra Vanity Button up top and pleated skirt (Sold Separately) @Mainstore
♔Pose: NEW Lyrium Riley Breathing Stand (edited to allow for ice-cream hold) @Access
♔Ice-Cream: NEW ChicChicca Ice Cream Tower @Equal10 (August 2021)
♔Hair: Doux Silent @Mainstore

♔Outfit: NEW Erauqs Delacruz shorts and Shirt (Sold Separately) @Access
♔Hair: NEW Wings TO0708 @Man Cave (July 2021)
♔Beer: NEW Synnergy Road Trip @Mainstore
♔Pose: NEW Synnergy Road Trip @Mainstore

♔Background: NEW Synnergy Open Fields @Mainstore
♔Dog: Rezz Room Beagle @Mainstore
♔Jeep: NEW Synnergy Road Trip @Mainstore
♔Picnic Hamper: MVT Picnic Trunk @Mainstore

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