All I have to give…

When you talk, does it seem like he’s not
Even listening to a word you say?
That’s okay, baby, just tell me your problems
I’ll try my best to kiss them all away
Does he leave when you need him the most?
Does his friends get all your time?
Baby please, I’m on my knees
Praying for the day that you’ll be mine
But my love is all I have to give

ok.. let me apologise to all out there who don’t like pop but, I had a moment of reminiscing on the 90’s songs and bands and these guys were on repeat. You have to love a little of backstreet boys! These were my teen/younger swoon band along with , yes yes NSYNC.. i am so sorry but yes they were lol. They were little moments of teenage romance in a 3.5 min song …

♔ Outfit: NEW Aleutia Lia @Anthem
♔ Pose: OMY Falling 4U @Mainstore
♔ Fence Back ground: Minimal Group gift @Mainstore
♔ Shirt on Ed: #52 [ARCBACK] b2b Tee
♔ Jeans on Ed: #52 [ARCBACK] b2b Jeans

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