Don’t judge me…

but it’s all about the scrunches

Ok first of all, I have to get my crush moment over with right now… this outfit comes with SCRUNCHES!!! It sounds like a got a little happy over nothing here but come on, they are scrunches that match with your outfit lol .. and to be fair, I literally wear these scrunches in rl.

ChicChica also came out with yet another wearable, and its coffee!! It looks amazing and what a better place to combine all these then at the coffee shop in Fox Hollow.

I recently decided to move to Fox Hollow and have been spending the last couple of days looking around it and getting used to locations. I have to say, as much as owning your own sim and decorating it is lovely, it can be incredibly lonely. So I decided to also have a place in a community that emulates life or as much of it that I want it to. I have yet to decide if I shall rp here but the sim is stunning and so well thought out that it seems a winner already. I will let you guys know how I get on!

♔ Outfit: NEW Miss Chelsea Cait tank, shorts & hairbands @Anthem
♔ Hair: NEW Stealthic Lilium @CrystalHeart
♔ Latte: NEW Chic Chica Latte @Cosmopolitan
♔ Location: Taken Fox Hollow

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