Serenity …

Life is too short to wish it away, to lose yourself in the rat race or to be so over burden by the everyday…

Do you ever just stop to listen and close your eyes, take the time to centre before you draw your next breath and take your next step?

♔ Pose: Lyrium Sora static pose set @Access Event
♔ Dress: NEW Salt & Pepper Quistis Interactive Dress @Uber
♔ Hair: Doux Laura @Dubai

Further Information: Lyrium Sora Static Pose Set
You have 5 static and mirrors within the static section and 5 breathing with subtle fingers and leg movement in the interactive section under priority 3&4. For this picture, the static pose set was used but I also find I add the subtle breathing ones to my AO 🙂 July 12th to August 8th at Access and Mainstore after.

Further Information: Salt & Pepper Quistis Interactive Dress
This dress is interactive with with aquasense system and SL water. The dress changes texture and shape to mimic clinging to a body when wet and also has the options for drips to show. There is a handy towel in the pack to dry yourself off if needs be and is available for Lara/+Petite and Legacy/+Perky

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