Good without …

You nearly gave me a heart attack
When you said you’re doin’ well
Is it obvious you’re all I had?
And the last year’s been like hell
Guess I’m lonely thinkin’ that you ain’t moved on
And I’m sorry if I’m comin’ off too strong

Never thought I’d see the shape of pain
Standin’ in the front porch light
Is it obvious I’m not okay?
Never meant to start a fight
Guess I’m just a moment livin’ in your past
But I never thought you’d forget me so fast

‘Cause I’m starin’ at all these photographs
I guess the good things ain’t meant to last
I gave you forever, you gave a month
I’ve never fallen for anyone
And now I’m looking at the ceilin’
Wonderin’ just what you’re feelin’ now

If that’s what love’s about
Then I’m so good without


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