Good morning Tulum …

Those mornings when you are on vacation, dressed in bikini and shirt..cocktail in hand already and ready for amazing fresh food.. 

So one of my new favourite places is the Tulum Sim and today I had the chance to walk and explore the beach area away from the town. It is amazing! It reminds me of Bora Bora in some places and sent me back to those early mornings on vacation where you dress just to cover yourself to go eat.. then strip for the beach and swim-up bar. Needless to say, it got even better when the Mr was able to get his head from the pillow and surface from sleep.

Then Salt and Pepper release their new bikini and interactive shirt. I love this brand! They come up with imaginative ideas, they are made well, textured well and even better, its interactive with SL water! OK so what does interactive look like:

The Shirt operates with the Aquasense system so either in Sl water or you can buy add on for items such as your own pool at home. It is water sensitive so if it comes in contact with SL default water, it will turn wet and drip. On the opposite side, it will dry in the sun or you can use the towel in the pack to dry yourself 🙂 Check out the other Aquasense items at Salt and Peppers store such as water guns!

… Mr and Mrs Hunterstone ..

Credits…on Featured Image

♔ Shirt and Bikini: NEW Salt & Pepper Zola outfit @Uber (25th May)

♔ Hair: Doux Chill @Mainstore

♔ Location: Taken on site @Tulum Resort – go visit! its amazing!!

Credits… on second image

♔ Pose: NEW West End Protected @Cosmopolitan (16th May)

♔ Bikini: NEW Salt and Pepper Zola @Uber (25th May)

♔ Hair: Doux Kiara @Mainstore

♔ Location: Taken on site @Tulum Resort – go visit! its amazing!!

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