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Quarantine is nearly over, which means coming out of hibernation, getting back to fitness, and putting away the leggings that have been a staple party of my wardrobe for months now… this..is going to hurt…

Ok all joking aside, let’s talk fitness and well being. As mentioned before, I have had a bit of funny old two weeks and have already spoken about the change in job. At the same time as this happening, I am also under going tests for a heart condition it appears I may have been born with and never known about. Since COVID, I have been working non-stop on a clinical COVID project which has quite literally drained me and decided that it was safer to go get myself checked out than to just presume I will be ok. I have have had episodes of what feels like palpitations and/or missed heart beats, feeling very faint and sick and I will be honest, I put it down to stress and will be the first one to admit, I underestimated the impact of stress. 

But while all these tests are now ongoing (ECG’s, 24 monitor tapes which make me look like bicentennial man), one thing occurred to me. I used to be a fitness freak, I was a classically trained ballerina, dancer, undertook boxing, rode horses and ran. Yet since my mind has been occupied on this project, I have literally done nothing. I have got to work early, and when its been late and I have logged off, I have simply fallen asleep watching some crime series on Netflix usually and much to the annoyance of my husband (he doesn’t get crime series in the slightest!). My poor mind has been maxed to capacity, my body hasn’t any outlet or exercise and I have survived mostly on coffee for the last 6 months. 

This is not healthy in any capacity, body or mind or even soul for that matter. So this is my declaration, my statement and mission for the next weeks at least while I am on wind down from old role. To make sure I get out for an hour each day and walk to the dog to the horses (this is a good 5K walk at least).. and then to make sure I switch off my work laptop at 6pm (I do turn off between 3-4 to spend time with the kids).. and get myself on the peloton and actually just do at least 30 mins every night. Nothing too taxing, nothing that puts myself under pressure like doing a certain run under certain minutes, I am not ready to be in that place again. I know I need to my health now but also for my mental health. In a statement from Mentalhealth.org.uk they drive home the message on how crucial exercuse is;

“Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes’ brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Participation in regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety”

So we start small, we start achieveable.. not setting myself up to fail before I have even begun. There are also some other small tips and tricks that are detailed on everyoneactive.com.


Results come through regular and consistent activity. Stick to your programme and avoid frequent stops and starts.


Do not increase the amount of exercise you do too soon. Increase what you’re doing by no more than 10% per week.


When you first start exercising you’ll experience feelings of discomfort such as shortness of breath, sweating and aching muscles after exercising. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and everyone feels like this when they’re first starting out.


Training with a friend not only keeps you motivated during the sessions themselves but will also make you less likely to miss a planned session as you’re unlikely to want to let down your friend.


Not warming up is a mistake many beginners make. Before any session ensure that you warm up thoroughly and mobilise the areas that you will be using during the workout. Furthermore, failure to warm up properly may increase the risk of injury.


We are all different. Some of us rise early and some of us go to bed late. Exercise at the time when you feel that you have most energy.


Don’t give up. All beginners have set backs on the way to achieving their goals. Accept them and use them to re-motivate yourself.


Ensure you drink plenty of water, before, during and after exercise, particularly if you are exercising in warm conditions or for long periods. Dehydration will result in a drop in performance and severe dehydration can be dangerous too.


Keep things interesting by trying new exercises, workouts and activities to keep your programme fresh, keep challenging your body and preventing boredom.

So lets get out there, lets step out from hiberation.. dust off the cobwebs and make sure that some precious time in our day is put aside for our phycial and mental health, because it’s SO important!


♔ Pose: Ana Poses Workout Gacha @Mainstore

♔ Outfit: Apple Blossom Emma outfit (comes with sweater either to wear or around your waist too!) @Mainstore

♔ Hair: Doux Peaches @Mainstore

♔ Background Credits: Yoga Mats / Shelf / Incense burner – Chez Moi

♔ Background Credits: Tapestry – Dust Bunny

♔ Background Credits: Water – ChicChica

♔ Background Credits: Lemon Tree – Nutmeg / Palm – Hive

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