s u n.. s e a.. s a n d.. a n d …

Get your mind out of the gutter people.. I was merely thinking of sorbet!

Showcasing the new amazing pose set from Lyrium. So.. here is the 411 on these poses. They come with two options: static and breathing. Now I make use of both of these!

Firstly, it’s pretty obvious I use the static for photos and I love using lyrium poses. It’s one the main reasons I applied to be one of their bloggers. I love the way the fingers are positioned and more natural curving of the legs. In fact if I’m honest, Lyrium make up my top three that I use constantly.

Secondly, the breathing poses are brilliant for adding into your AO! Again I think gone are the days where the walk around in a circle AO are gone. And while yes, I have my main AO but I also have AO override and stands built in. I then have filled that overrider with a Ana poses, OMY and of course, you got it! About 75% Lyrium breathing poses because they are that good! Take a look at the main store or pop along to numerous events this amazing lady has her work showcased and check them out 💛💛


♔ Pose: NEW Lyrium Nova Static Poses @Access Event (May 12th)

♔ Biniki: NEW Tetra Spicy Bikini AND Body Chains! @Kustom9

♔ Earrings: Osmia 90’ss Baby Chamomile (Gacha)

♔ Hair: Doux Silent @Mainstore

♔ Location: Taken on site @Sunvana

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