a n a f t e r n o o n i n p a r i s

I recently came across this creator in SL, Movement (MVT) and I can not being to say how much I love their stuff. Little did I know that despite the amazing props and content, they also make poses! So, cue a very excited me, now looking through their poses and feeling all the creative juices going. 

On a separate note, I have also been thinking of where to show off this amazing set from Avale which is elegant and girly and comes with some fun brighter colours too. Then it all seem to fit, shopping, amazing outfit, teamed with the free shoes from Anthem from ‘Look at Me’ and the only natural conclusion was to create a shopping picture! I feel this is a tadah moment… 

So then the questions beckons, where do we take this picture. Normally I build roughly 90% of my backgrounds using mulitple structures etc however, I had heard from several people about the SIM for Paris City which houses the stores for Versov, Magnificent and Rezz room and I cant say I was disppointed. In fact wallking around actually gave me tons of ideas for the future. So we have it … a combination of many little excited projects/thoughts all combined into one.

Ads xoxox


♔ Pose: MVT Shopping Habits @Mainstore

♔ Outfit: NEW Avale Lia @Tres Chic 17th April

♔ Hair: Doux Chi @Mainstore

♔ Location: Taken on site @Paris City

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