o n l y w h e n

Here in the dark we can be anything
Let the moon light up our secrets
Trace them upon my skin

Love me, trust me
Only when the night falls
Touch me, hold me
Only when the night falls

For absolutely ages, I had been thinking about this image i had this in head, and trying to get it out onto digital paper so to speak. Then Cynful released this amazing dress which shows the right about leg, comes with panties! (yes this is important, not all of us want our bits out there when partying!) and the feathers can detach should you wish. Then Lyrium brings out another amazing range of poses, which I am slightly obsessed with I have to say, I mean look at the way the fingers delicately and realisly sit! I teamed them with the AMAZING backgrounds from Minimal which I . The only change is asking my slightly bond villian husband to stand with me, I mean he did compliment and swoon at the dress. I was browsing the numerous poses I own before being distracted by the general flickr feed and saw the new pose from Ana Poses which I took them male pose from. The poses worked amazing and needed no editing so what you see is true to form 100% . So here it is… a combination of four amazing brands!


♔ Pose on me: NEW Lyrium Talija Static & Breathing + Fingers Series – fatpack (Static pose 1 used on me, no adjustments made) @Equal10 May 10th

♔ Pose for Fletch: NEW Ana Poses Beautiful @TMD

♔ Dress: NEW Cynful Dove Dress – Fatpack @C88 May 8th

♔ Hair: Doux Vanilla @Mainstore

♔ Background: Minimal Exile @Mainstore

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