. . . a n d I m i s s y o u

And I keep playing back
When I saw you last
Hands down your back
Like a movie in my head
I swear it’s always like
Things are going fine
‘Til tequila lime
Brings you up again

Love it or hate it, I have started to really like some of the country music coming out at the moment. This song, is one of the most played on my apple stream and I have wanted to find a photo that really work with this song, Usually when I’m working on photos, I have to feel the whole scene, the music, the lighting, the facial expressions, the clothes, scene and yes, for those that see the instagram pictures they are smiling because I feel it adds life to the picture. As much as creators have got better when making our avi’s smiling, it’s not quite realistic just yet. Sometimes I have an idea driven by a poem, music, clothing, idea in my head which leads to hours of searching/building for what replicates it. I try to create stories and emotions, stirring up thoughts even when blogging. It may not be for everyone, the great factor of this wide world is your own unique taste. I am no where near an expert and still class myself as a novice but….This is me..my stories, my talent and I am proud of it, of where I have come from and where I am yet to go. 

♔ Pose: 

Lyrium Tewair Pose @ Duabi (20th April release)

♔ Outfit: 

Salt & Pepper Siren Bikini @ Uber (March 25th release)

The Original AQUASENSE!💦💧The bikini is interactive and reacts to SL default water, turns wet on contact, drips and dries in the sun or with the included quick dry towel!

Doux JLOW @Mainstore

♔ Location: 

Still one of my favourite places to visit – NorderNay (group Access only)

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