e n d l e s s n i g h t s

There is a love I reminisce, like a seed I’ve never sown

Of lips that I am yet to kiss and eyes not met my own

Hands that wrap around my wrists and arms that feel like home

I wonder how it is I miss these things I’ve never known

~Lang Leav

There is something about the magic of the Middle East and Africa that captures me every time. I have travelled to Dubai and surrounding countries many times and every single time I try to get away from the modern sparkle as I call it and really go see its rich history, learn to appreciate its culture and embrace their journey. Fundamentally I love learning, soaking up all I can about different cultures, learning people and other ways than my own. I spent some time living abroad as a child in South Africa and the experiences I had during my short two years there have stayed with me for life. It seems, in non modern world, they really appreciate life, they live it everyday and yes I know they have problems that far outweigh ours such as clean water, sanitation, security from war, medical help… the list goes one but you know what, I have never met people a group of people so willing to share all they do have, to be so hospitable despite their situations, than those who have nothing. They live life… they seem to know the meaning of life … modern technology hasn’t stole their time, family is everything to them and their passion for living is infectious. Some times I think we have our heads in devices for too much in this life, and we miss the true beauty of what earth holds, all these cultures, this rich history… so as I sit in -2º English weather, face in a laptop and my phone controlling the entire house so I don’t have move .. I’m wishing for those hot endless nights back where life is in full technicolour. 


♔ Pose: 

Lyrium Emma Pose @Dubai (April 20th)

♔ Outfit: 

Salt & Pepper Scheherazade outfit including crown @Equal10

Doux JLOW @Mainstore

♔ Decor: 

Minimal Sapphire Skybox @Mainstore

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