t h e t r o p i c s

After watching the amazing Chez Moi finally fo her premium home, I was finally inspired to complete mine what was no easy task! Confining me to 351 prims made for a lot of growling but we got there! Even though we don’t need a premium home, it will be used as a vacation home or for decorating nd my continual need to shop and build. I hear you all laughing those who know me!

Anyway .. so given we have an amazing plot called coconut bay, we have gone full on tropical and what better than grabbing the ‘Pop’ dinner set from kraftwork and the spicy fiesta food from Dust Bunny (an oldie but goodie!). Team it with a soft beach wave look from stealthic, the Shaquana outfit from Apple and Blossom which is at Level Event right now (which i fallen for completely) and the soft elegant pose from Lyrium at Access and we are ready to go! Sunset evenings, laughing with friends and family, strolls to the beach and good old 90’s summer r’n’b music… just perfect!


♔ Pose: 

Lyrium Christie Static & Breathing + Fingers Series @ Access Event (12th April)

♔ Outfit: 

Apple Blossom Shaquana Bikini and Dress @ Level Event

Stealthic Metropolis @ Anthem

♔ Decor: 

Kraftwork: Dining table and chairs ‘Pop Set’ / Ladder Plant over table @ Mainstore

Dust Bunny: Table plant / Spicy Fiesta Food Set @ Mainstore

Luc: Stack of blue plates (part of Vegtable platter) @ Anthem

~BAZAR~ Sunset – Candle (part of Sunset Dinning Set) @ Uber

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