q u a r a n t i n e q u e e n

What a time to be alive
Are we all just pretending
That the world isn’t ending?

And maybe we’re caught in a game
Of throwing the best things away
It’s about the right time for a change, oh, woah, woah, oh
Until we learn to understand
We’ll go back around this again and again

Tomorrow we take one step closer to coming out of quarantine… and it has left someone like myself asking just how will I cope as life returns to what was normal, will we see normal again? As much as I will embrace returning to a hairdresser, to getting pamper session, to meeting colleagues again, friends, dinners out and spending time with family… it also has me wondering how will I cope in certain aspects of daily living, when my life has been so quiet for so long. When the normal pressures of our lives return, when life was busy we didnt stop to truly marvel where we are, what we have achieved, what we are lucky for, what we took for granted and how despite the negative aspect of this pandemic that did hit us all so hard and some more than others, it had one positive.. it helped us appreciate life too, it made us slow down, to stop and think.


♔ Pose: 

Lyrium Eva Pose 1 @Mainstore

♔ Outfit: 

BEO Caroline Shorts & Top (legacy) @Mainstore

Doux Lucy @Mainstore

♔ Decor: 

Apple Fall: AF Magazine Files @Mainstore

Apple Fall: Stone Artichoke @Mainstore

Apple Fall: Mercantile Bookshelf @Mainstore

Black Bantam: Black Chibi kitten @Mainstore

HIVE:Palm Plant: Decorative floor palm @Mainstore

Nutmeg: Snug Daydream Chaise @Kustom9 March 2021 round

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